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Malaysia is among the world's largest trading countries in the world and active participation by both Giant Organizations and Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) contributing to various sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, electronic and information technology.  

Speed and secure movement of goods, minimal documentation, minimal human intervention and predictability of customs processes are essential ingredients for the effectiveness of businesses that provides procurement, supply, distribution and marketing services on a global basis to the manufacturing and trading sector which implements the Just In Time inventory systems .The global trading system is vulnerable to terrorist exploitation that could severely damage and interrupt the supply chain and indirectly affect the entire global economy.  

The Authorised Economic Operator or AEO is a concept introduced by the SAFE Framework of Standard referring to operators involved in the movement of goods along the international trade supply chain who have achieved the required security standards and are accredited by the member country. The AEO Scheme developed by Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) is based on a similar concept. 

​The AEO concept encourages electronic transactions for better security management in the supply chain. For smooth and seamless flow of trade, economic operators are encouraged to implement high security features based on international standards in their day-to-day management in all aspects of their business activity, amongst others includes manufacturing activities, movement of raw materials and finished goods, storage and warehousing and also ensuring secure conveyances and handling of goods. Economic Operators with high compliance level and high security management are encouraged to apply for the AEO scheme from RMCD.

Click http://customsgc.gov.my/index_aeo.html​ for details.