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  • What are the basic infrastructures for revenue collection ?
  • Answer :

    • To ensure a complete collection system – Arahan Perbendaharaan 53
    • To provide basic need to public that is notification on receipt for payment made – Arahan Perbendaharaan 61
    • To ensure Pemungut be given authorisation in writing to collect money – Arahan 53 and Arahan Perbendaharaan 69
    • To ensure complete set of documents – Arahan Perbendaharaan 6

  • ​What is Kewangan 248 and what is Kewangan 249 ?
  • Answer :

    • Kewangan 248 is a cash book that shows information about collection of monies, amount of monies credited to banks and also the classification of accounts to which the monies are credited to.
    • Kewangan 249 is a main cash book used by Pemungut whom does not have many types of collection.

  • What is Debit Advice ?
  • Answer :

    • Debit Advice ia a document used by banks to show the transfer of money from one’s account to another account. In the case of Custom’s Pemungut, it is a document that shows transfer of Customs revenue collection for a certain period of time from Customs Station’s accounts to Customs Main collection account.

  • What are the documents needed for a complete set of Penyata Pemungut to be processed ?
  • Answer :

    • In order for a Penyata Pemungut to be processed the following documents are needed :

    i.​​    Penyata Pemungut that consists of Borang Slip Masuk Bank that has bank’s confirmation credit print-out, Pungutan Dimasukira Ke Dalam Akaun-Akaun Di Bawah, Senarai Cek/Kiriman Wang/Wang Pos/Bank Draf Yang Dibayar Masuk, Butir-Butir Akaun Subsidiari (if applicable) and Senarai Resit Yang Dikeluarkan, and

    ii.     PC POS / RM 20 / Consol Reports, or

    iii.  Debit Advice (whereby the amount of Debit Advice should tally with the amount of the said Penyata Pemungut) – only with regard to Pemungut that use their own bank’s account before being transferred to Customs Main collection account.