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Museum of Royal Malaysian Customs Department​​​


Customs Museum was established on August 25 2006. It was launched by Malacca Chief Minister, YAB Datuk Wira Mohd Ali bin Rustam. It is located at in front of the Malacca River​ Cruise Terminal at Jala​n Merdeka, Banda Hilir. The main objective of this museum is to provide information about the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) roles. In the year 2014, Customs Museu​​m have been visited by 59646 visitors not only Malaysian but also from various countries. For this year from January until 31st July 2015 there were 31, 916 number of visitors have been visited this museum. ​

Visiting hours:   

9.00 am – 5.00 pm (everyday include holidays) ​

 Entrance Fees: FREE


Muzium Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia

(Royal Malaysian Customs Department Muzium)

Jalan Merdeka, Banda Hilir,

75000 Melaka.

Royal Malaysian Custom Museum.

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​​Phone: 06-2833924
Fax     : 06-2863923


Royal Malaysian Customs Museum, Malacca​

​The exact location of this building is at Jalan Merdeka, Banda Hilir, Malacca. This building was built by the colonial in the early 1890s. The building was constructed in English architecture with rocks and clay covered. This building was used as a customs warehouse to keep merchandise such as ceramics, rice, flour, sugar and spices which imported from China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Philippines. ​

Those days, during Barter Trade System at Melaka Port, this building was used for import and export activities. Detained and seized goods were also stored in this building. In 1965, the workers moved to a new building and it became a store use by Customs Preventive Division. ​​


Collections in Customs Museum​

RMC museum showcases more than 200 original collections from all over Malaysia. This museum also display collection of prohibited good seize d since the 19th century. Pictures of staff and offices were also exhibited. Seized drug taking paraphernalia, fireworks, firearms, custom office equipment such as typewriter, and tariff coding books are available for viewing.

Royal title Award Ceremony
Staff pictures since 1940
                     Tariff Coding Books​​                             

History of the development of the  Royal Malaysian Customs Department​​
 ​Replica of speed boat used by RMC
  Gallery of Former Director General of Customs Department

Un-customs Motorcycle

​Samples of alcoholic
                      beverage   seized​​​​