Division Profile

  1. Prior to August 16, 2008, Company Audit Branch (Accounts Examination Branch) and the Post Clearance Audit Branch were under the Technical Services Division
  2. Both these branches at the headquarters are now placed under the Compliance Management Division and are each headed by a Deputy Director of Customs.   The Director of Customs heads the Compliance Management Division.
  3. Effective July 1, 2009 the setting up of the Compliance Management divisions Company Audit branches and Post Clearance Audit branches across the country have been approved.
  1. To plan and conduct a systematic audit of the licensees / importers  and to ensure that the tax / customs duties are collected accurately and to provide advice regarding customs matters.
  2. To ensure that companies/ importers licensed under the customs laws, understand and comply with laws and regulations.

Division Functions

Functions Of Compliance Management Division

  1. To conduct systematic, efficient and effective audits on licensees / importers
  2. To ensure that taxes are collected properly and accurately to avoid loss of revenue.
  3. To monitor and coordinate the audit activities in the states and evaluate the effectiveness of the audit programmes.
  4. To review and evaluate the implementation of audit procedures for the purpose of improvement.
  5. To analyze the results of audits to determine the cause of non-compliance of the laws and regulations.
  6. To ensure that licensees / importers understand and comply with legislation and regulations related to customs.
  7. To conduct investigative audit on licensees / importers involving fraud and to take legal actions appropriately.
  8. To perform special audits / raids on licensees / importers for cases from complaints / information received.

Clients' Charter

  1. To take action within 24 hours on information and complaints received.
  2. To return all documents taken within 14 days from the date of completion of the audit for cases not involving claims and legal actions.