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  1. The implementation of the Strategic Trade Act 2010 requires travellers to obtain a permit for goods that are listed in Parts 1 and 2 of the Schedule to the Strategic Trade (Strategic Items) Order 2010 and declare to customs using Form Customs No.22 when leaving Malaysia.

  2. A Special Permit is required for strategic items if destined to restricted countries and destinations as stipulated in Part 3 of the First Schedule to the Strategic Trade (Restricted End-Users and Prohibited End-Users) Order 2010.

  3. Failure to produce a permit and / or special permit and declare to customs for the strategic items is an offence under Section 9(1), 9(2) and 9(3) of the Strategic Trade Act 2010 and on conviction will be punished under Section 9(4), 9(5) and 9(6) of the Act.​

  4. The list of strategic items can be obtained from the Royal Malaysian Customs Department’s website at and a brief information on the Strategic Trade Act 2010 is available at ​​​

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