Division Profile

Division Structure

Corporate Planning Division consists of five (4) Sections as follows:
  • Section of Strategic Planning
  • Section of International Affairs
  • Section of Public Relations
  • Section of Secretariat and Coordination

RMCD’s 5S Practices Policy

RMCD staff practice teamwork, discipline and friendliness to create a clean, conducive and safe working environment through continuous practice of 5S.

5S Slogan

Conducive Environment is the pillar of Excellent Services. 

Division Functions

Fungsi Bahagian

Corporate Planning Division responsible for the strategic planning of department, international affairs, public relations and secretarial matters. This division is directly involved in efforts to enhance the service delivery system and development of the Royal Malaysian Customs Department to implement reform and modernization of the organization in line with the public service and government policies and international best practices.

Objektif Bahagian

  • To strengthen the relationship and cooperation between the Royal Malaysian Customs Department and other Customs Administrations to enable effective information sharing in line with international customs practices.
  • To enhance service delivery system of the Royal Malaysian Customs Department through research and development and coordination of quality, innovation and productivity programmes.
  • To implement organizational reform and modernization in line with public service and government policy.
  • To enhance image of the Royal Malaysian Customs Department through corporate communications and public relations management.
  • Organize and coordinate top level management of the department meeting, audit queries and proposals for new potential taxes.

Clients' Charter

Clients’ Charter of Corporate Planning Division

In line with the i-SPEED Management Policy ("Integrity", "Speed", "Professional", "Efficient", "Effective" and "Dynamic") based on holistic approach geared towards integrity, speed, professional, efficient, effective and dynamic service, we pledge to provide the following services:-

  1. Conducting and preparing Implementing and providing research reports within 8 months.
  2. Preparing the Department Five (5) Years Strategic Action Plan within 3 months.
  3. Planning the implementation of department quality programs within a month.
  4. Manage and provide endorsement on new source of Indirect Taxes for the purpose of Annual Budget by February every year.
  5. Planning implementation of Department Quality Day Celebration within a month.
  6. Conduct feasibility study on the proposal by the private sector within a month.
  7. Manage and take action on inquiry and complaint within 3 working days upon received.

We also recognize the rights of our clients as follows:-

  • Friendly, fair, precise and professional services.
  • Report / feedback received within the stipulated period.
  • Opportunity to make complaint, comment and suggestion.