KPSM Division Profile


KPSM Division at the Royal Malaysian Customs (RMC) Headquarters is led by a Division Director (Grade VU7) and is assisted by seven (6) Deputy Directors (Grade 54). This Division is divided into seven branches, which are:

  1. Management Services Branch
  2. Services and Training Branch
  3. Procurement Management Branch
  4. Financial Management Branch
  5. Logistics Branch
  6. Account Branch

The Objectives of KPSM Division

  1. Administer and manage human resources and finance management affairs of the Department
  2. Develop the Department by means of studying and planning the optimal human resources needs
  3. Manage the human resources in terms of recruitment, promotion and placement of the personnel of the Department
  4. Manage the evaluation of the performance of the Department’s personnel in terms of the Annual Performance Evaluation Report and the Human Resource Development Panel Meeting
  5. Manage the planning of the Department’s procurement
  6. Manage the development planning under the Malaysia Plan and the implementation of the Department’s development projects
  7. Manage the budget planning and the financial allocation for the Management Budget Estimation and the Development Budget Estimation of the Department
  8. Manage the account of the Department
  9. Formulate and update orders and circulars relating to human resources, administrative, services and financial affairs
  10. Implement the auditing program to the states and provide advisory services over human resources and financial affairs

The Functions of KPSM Division

    Management Services Branch (PTD 54)

  1. Responsible for the administration of the Headquarters and the States
  2. Manage and operate the Department’s examination such as Services Examination, KPSL Examination and GST Tax Agent Examination
  3. Maintain and update the HRMIS data
  4. Process the application, the issuance and the disposal of Customs Authority card for uniformed personnel of Grade W17 onwards
  5. Manage, prepare and review the Statement of Changes (Kew.8), application of miscellaneous allowances, medical and other benefits provided for government servants
  6. Manage the receiving and the distribution of mail correspondence for the Headquarters
  7. Manage the Headquarters vehicles, SPANCO vehicles (including of the states) and application to use the vehicles
  8. Maintenance of buildings and office facilities
  9. Manage the printing and the distribution of orders and circulars
  10. Manage the needs of the Headquarters officers’ uniforms
  11. Manage the Annual Performance Appraisal Report (LNPT) and the Annual Salary Movement Letter of the Customs personnel.
  12. Manage the nominations for Decoration Award, Honours and Medals at Federal and State Levels and other recognition.

    Services and Training Branch (PTD M54)

  1. Responsible for the services and training affairs of the Customs personnel.
  2. Maintain and update employment data, and process applications for placement orders and exchange of officials.
  3. Responsible for all aspects of recruitment, position confirmation, promotion and acting; entry into the pensioned posts for Customs and common use personnel.
  4. Restructure and strengthen the organization by providing fast, efficient, fair and effective services in line with current economic developments.
  5. Formulate human resource management policies and schemes in the Customs service.
  6. Formulate and manage training policies by means of personnel training needs as well as career advancement of the Customs and common-use officers.
  7. Prepare and arrange optimal human capital utilization by means of effective and efficient delivery system through training policy, strategic plan and concept plan to achieve the organizational objectives.

    Performance and Disciplinary Management Branch

  1. Manage the Annual Performance Appraisal Report (LNPT) and the Annual Salary Movement Letter of the Customs personnel.
  2. Manage the nominations for Decoration Award, Honours and Medals at Federal and State Levels and other recognition.
  3. Serve as the secretariat of Human Resource Development Panel meeting (HRDP) at Headquarters level.
  4. Review reports from various sources and take appropriate action in cases that have sufficient evidence for disciplinary action, surcharges, etc.
  5. Serve as the secretariat of the Support Group (1), Support Group (2) and Management Group (2) Disciplinary Boards.
  6. Process the application, the issuance and the disposal of Customs Authority card for uniformed personnel of Grade W17 onwards.
  7. Process declaration of property, application for government land, application to become politically active, application to do outside job and application of gifts acceptance by Customs officers.

    Procurement Management Branch (PTD M54)

  1. Plan and manage the procurement of supplies, services and works for Customs.
  2. Manage, coordinate and monitor the implementation of procurement contracts for Customs.
  3. Plan, coordinate and monitor the implementation of Customs physical and non-physical projects.
  4. Plan, manage and regulate the allocation of Customs development budget.
  5. Provide advisory services regarding to the procurement of supplies, services and works to States Customs.

    Financial Management Branch (PTD M54)

  1. Prepare and manage the annual budget of the Department.
  2. Review and manage additional budget needs for the Department.
  3. Manage and regulate the Department’s annual expenditures and payment.
  4. Issue warrants of allocations for operating and development expenditures.
  5. Manage all payments for all procurement of supplies, services and works incurred to the Headquarters budget allocation.
  6. Review the financial management system from time to time to increase the efficiency of the financial management of the Department.

    Logistic Branch (Grade 54)

  1. Manage Mobile Assets and Life Assets of the Government with methods that have been set forth.
  2. Monitor, supervise and ensure that the Department assets acquired from the Department allocation are properly administered and supervised and are not abused.
  3. Manage and oversee the procurement and distribution of goods and equipment at the Central Store to the Headquarters, States and Responsibility Centres (PTJ).
  4. Manage disposal application and certification of the Departments assets and inventory.
  5. Conduct inventory inspection and Office Supplies Stock Verification and prepare inspection reports on capital assets, inventory and office supplies in accordance with established procedures.
  6. Review and plan for the acquisition of assets that the Department need.
  7. Collect, update and prepare reports on the information of all assets of the Department to assist the management in making decisions.

    Account Branch (Grade W54)

  1. Manage, review and coordinate financial data and prepare the Customs Financial Statements.
  2. Plan and conduct inspection and cash audit in PTJ; implement and maintain the payments and receipts application system.
  3. Process the payment vouchers; check and record into account the collector statements via EDI, loans and payment of salaries, allowances, advances; and maintain the Department’s budget allocation.
  4. Manage the daily operations and ensure the printouts are proper and record the account statements through the SMK daily reports and Bank Negara Daily Statement.
  5. Provide advice and technical assistance related to the implementation of eSPKB and coordinate all complaints over the accounting procedures.
  6. Implement a training program on the accounting system continuously.

KPSM Division Client’s Charter

    Client’s Charter for the Management Services and Human Resources Division

  • Prepare a certificate letter of promotion to officers who are acting in a position for 12 months.
  • Manage the implementation of Annual Performance Appraisals (LNPT) to be completed by March every year.
  • Produce the results of Competency Level Examination within 10 working days from the receipt of the Ministry of Finance Competency Board minutes of meeting.
  • Manage the Services Examination and KPSL Examination within 90 working days from the date of the examination until the result release.
  • Process tender documents/quotations within 10 working days from the closing date of the tender/quotation for tenders that do not involve the evaluation committee.
  • Processing of payment to the payee within 14 working days from the date of receipt of completed voucher to the sending of EFT to the bank.
  • Manage the registration of each mobile asset and life asset of the Government within 14 working days after confirmation of receipt along with complete source of information.

  • We recognize the following customers’ rights:

  • The right to get friendly and fair services clear from malpractices.
  • The right to obtain approval within the publicized standard time frame.
  • The right to the opportunity to make complaints and appeals.