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​Importation of electrical goods for domestic use as listed under Item 24, Fourth Schedule of Customs (Prohibition of Imports) Order 1998 are subjected to approval certificate issued by the Chief Executive Officer, Malaysian Energy Commission (MEC).


This notice is issued to explain to the public regarding the electrical goods importation guideline for domestic use.

Current Procedure 

Importation of electrical goods can be done in two ways:

  1. Without MEC Approval Certificate requirement.
  2. With MEC Approval Certificate requirement.

1. Importation without MEC Approval Certificate requirement.

a. Importation without MEC Approval Certificate requirement is allowed following these situations:

i) Used electrical goods for domes​tic use brought in by persons transferring / relocating to Malaysia;

ii) Electrical goods for domestic use brought in by passengers by air.

b. For importations such as the above, importers are required to complete 3 copies of Form A and submit them to Customs Office at the Import Station or entry point. One copy of Form A will be returned to the importer upon verification of the details on the form. (Form A is available at the Customs Office at all entry points).

c. Quantity allowed for each electrical good is one unit only.

2. Importation with MEC Approval Certificate.

For importation of electrical goods other than Importation without MEC Approval Certificate above, the importer has to complete Form B in three copies and deliver it personally to the nearest MEC office.  The related goods can only be released from Customs control after Form B has been approved by MEC. The importer is given a period of one month to claim the goods. If the goods are not claimed after that period, action will be taken to confiscate and dispose them under the provision of Section 128 Customs Act 1967. (Form B is available from Customs Office at all entry points)


For further clarification please contact:

Chief Executive Officer
Malaysian Energy Commission
1001, 13th floor, Menara TH Perdana
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: (603) 26125412/3
Fax: (603)