Isnin, Disember 22, 2014
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Mengenai Pengurusan Pematuhan

Bahagian Pengurusan Pematuhan - Pasca Import

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Assessment Management And Import Pascal Branch:

  • Assessment Management Unit:
  • To determine and coordinate import goods of the Customs Value and Open Request Price for Excise as guideline to all Customs’ stations;
  • To produce and circulate price dockets, agency (only for Sales Tax) and price circular as guideline to all Customs’ stations;
  • To fix export commodity F.O.B. price as allocated under Section 12 of the 1967 Customs Act; 
  • To determine and coordinate textile’s Customs Value;
  • To study, analyze and determine the sales value for the purpose of fixing tax amount to be paid under allocations of Excise Act, Sales Tax Act and Services Tax;
  • To carry out main function to study, research and analyze various trading aspects;
  • To conduct research on channel of goods’ price, net profit, concept and assessment system;
  • To conduct study on reassessment of increase in rate based on trade appeal;
  • Function as focal point in assessment aspects;
  • Function as information resource center in relation to assessment aspects for stations’ reference;
  • To manage records on storage and information relating to pricing report and agencies report submitted by stations;
  • To obtain information relating with foreign currency exchange from Bank Negara and accordingly prepare weekly list of foreign currency exchange rate as guideline for customs stations, public and Trading Senate.
    • Import Pascal/Adherence and Profiling:
      • To prepare profiling following company, importer, type of trading and exporter’s country;
      • To conduct audit on importers after import has occurred;
      • To examine company’s premises suspected to involve in misappropriation from facilities provided;
      • To investigate if suspected of misappropriation;
      • To check Customs pledge forms, Sales Tax, Excise and Services Tax to track down classification mistakes, assessment or pledge that might occur;
      • To raise query and submit it to relevant authority to obtain justification or correction;
      • To analyze on occurrences of wrong trends to determine that there is no misappropriation from any parties;
      • To gather information in relation to importer, license holder and manufacturers who has the tendency to take advantage to deviate and give feedback on it to the respective branch;
      • To gather information on error-prone officers.
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