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Entry Points - Part 2

Customs Division - About Customs

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For the importation of  motorized vehicle, liquor, tyres, spirits, tobacco and cigarettes, the rate of duty follows the current rate as found in the Customs Duties Order 1996.


 Non-dutiable goods include:

  • Fountain Pen.
  • Cigarette Lighters (except of plastic).
  • Printed books, newspapers, magazines and journals.
  • Perfumes.
  • Cosmetics (except face powder) and skin-care products like lipsticks, eye shadows, moisturizing cream, skin tonics.
  • Manicure products like nail polisher and nail varnish.
  • Carpets of jute.
  • Portable radio equipped with recorder and sound reproducers (weighing not more than 10 kg., with handles / straps and AC/DC powered).
  • Pocket watches, wrist watches and table / wall clocks.
  • Photo cameras, camera flashbulbs, camera flashbulb equipments and film rolls.
  • Cinematographic cameras, projectors, sound recorders and sound reproducers, for films of less than 16 mm width including cameras for double 8 mm film.
  • Video cameras /  television cameras
  • Pocket calculators.
  • Shillings / Gold bar.
  • Computer.
  • Fishing equipments (e.g. Fishing rods, Fish hooks etc.)
  • Golf clubs (complete).
  • Racquets (Tennis, Badminton and the like)
  • All sorts of balls except golf balls.
  • All musical instruments (excluding upright piano)
  • Leather shoes
  • Leather bags including wallets and leather hand bags  
  • Video tapes (empty or recorded)

*The Customs will screen private video tapes brought in.


Customs Duties Orders (Exemption) 1988, Article 19 allows Malaysians and non-residents to import goods with Customs Duties Exemption if they fulfill these conditions:

  • Wines, spirits or malt liquor not more than1 litre.
  • Tobacco not more than 225 grams (equalling 200 cigarette sticks).
  • 3 pairs of wearing apparels
  • New shoes not exceeding 1 pair.
  • Portable personal care products / personal hygiene using electric and also battery-powered not exceeding 1 unit
  • Dutiable foodstuff not exceeding RM75 in value.
  • Gifts and souvenirs not exceeding RM400 in value (except goods from Langkawi and Labuan, of a value not exceeding RM500).

The goods above can be imported and exempted from customs duty if all the conditions stated below are fulfilled:

  •  Goods are imported  on the persons or in the visitors’ baggage.
  •  Goods are personal and frequently used.
  • The visitor can convince the Customs Officer that he / she is not a Malaysian and INTENDS to stay in Malaysia not less than 72 hours. Residents returning from abroad after an absence of not less than 72 hours (for Labuan Federal Territory, the period is 24 hours and for Langkawi, the period is 48 hours).

Malaysians or visitors with goods exceeding the duty exemption stated is required to pay the full duty on the excess goods at the rate of 30% of the value..

This customs duty exemption facility cannot be transferred or accumulated


Foreign travel authors and journalists can import equipments necessary to their profession, exempted from customs duty if:

  • The said goods / equipments can be identified as the goods / equipments usually used by the travel authors and journalists.
  • The goods / equipments are exported as soon as the job is completed.


Visitors can bring in trade samples not for commercial purposes and with no commercial value exempted from customs duty. However the justification for importing the samples must be given to the Proper Customs Officer on duty.


Visitors or tourists can temporarily import a motor vehicle like cars or motorcycles free from duty, with the following conditions:-

  • The motor vehicles had been registered by the authorities in charge of registering motor vehicles.
  • The said motor vehicle must be re-exported within three months from the date of importation..


Visitors who bring in personal effects not exempted from customs duty, can deposit an amount of duty payable at the rate of 30% from the value of the said goods. This deposit will be returned immediately on the occasion of the visitors’ leaving Malaysia, through any main exit point, with the proviso that the said goods must be re-exported within three months from the date of importation. The goods attached with the deposit receipt and 30 cent stamp must be submitted to the Customs Officer on duty at the exit point before leaving Malaysia.


ATA Carnet (admission temporaire) allows the temporary importation of goods for the purpose of exhibitions, advertisements, trade samples and professional equipments without going through the normal importation process including preparing a bank guarantee and Customs Form No. 1 in Malaysia, following such terms:

  •  The imported goods are not subject to sale.
  • The goods are re-exported within the approved period for its temporary importation.

ATA Carnet is issued by the International Trade and Industrial Chamber of the countries involved. In Malaysia the body concerned is:

Malaysia International Chamber of Commerce and Industry,

Tingkat 10, Wisma Damansara,
Jalan Semantan,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2542677
Faks: 03-2554946


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