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Duty Free Shops
Terms Of Licence
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 Duty Free Shops are licensed premises allowed to store and sell duty free goods to qualified buyers. They were established under Section 65D of the Customs Act 1967 to cater to the necessities and requirements of international tourists.


Duty Free Shops were established for the first time in Penang following the withdrawal of its free port status towards the end of 1977, with the aim of allowing tourists to gain access of duty free goods in the island.

At the present, Duty Free Shops are located at these premises:

Basic Qualification For Duty Free Shops Applicants

Basically, there are five types of Duty Free Shops, that is International Airport Duty Free Shops, Port Duty Free Shops, Downtown Duty Free Shops, Border Duty Free Shops and Domestic Duty Free Shops.

Duty Free Shops at airports and ports can only be set up after prior approval for a commercial space had been obtained from the Airport or Port authority before the application can be approved by the Customs Department.

The establishment of Duty Free Emporiums / Complexes Downtown is subjected to these terms:

Application To Establish A Duty Free Shop

An application to establish a Duty Free Shop can be done using form JKED 1 and submitted directly to the State Director of Customs where the business will be operated. The following documents need to be attached: