Khamis, Disember 18, 2014
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Disposal Of Goods Confiscated

Bahagian Pencegahan - Perihal Am Pencegah

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Selling Goods That Has Been Confiscated And Terminated

Disposal of goods confiscated and terminated through selling can be conducted through three methods :

  1. Public Auction
  2. Tender
  3. Quotation

Goods sold through public auction are textiles, ready-made clothes, industrial goods, electrical/electronic/kitchen appliances, vehicles’ spare part, boat, furniture, small boat, attached engine, shoes and leather goods.Goods sold as tender will include vehicles only.

Auction Information

All sales through auction are open to the public.  The associated goods can be looked at during the date, time and venue as listed in the Auction Table.
Selling Conditions :

  • No guarantee on the quality and condition of the goods auctioned.
  • All goods are auctioned, as is, where is the condition as seen including any limitation, damage, handicap and others.
  • The department is entitled to change and take back any info on the listed goods without any earlier notice.
  • The highest bidder is the successful buyer and if there is any disagreement with regards to the highest bidder, the affected goods will be auctioned again.
  • Price on the goods is subjected to a particular price.
  • Separate payment or returning of goods among buyers on behalf of other buyers are not allowed.
  • Each buyer has to furnish details of his or her full name, identity card number and address to the Auction Officer before an auction starts.

The successful buyer is required to pay 100% of the selling price or 10% of the offered price as deposit.  The balance must be fully settled within 3 days from the auction date.  Failure to do so will cause the deposit to be rescinded and the implicated goods will be sold by the Department using the appropriate method.  Goods that have been paid fully have to be collected within 7 days from the date of the full settlement.  Incase the successful bidder fail to collect his goods; the Government have the right to eliminate the goods using methods thought appropriate.

Tender Information

Goods sold through tender are as follow :

  • Motored vehicles

Motored Vehicles Tender

All vehicles rescinded have to be disposed using only the tender method to the public.  Vehicles that can be tendered include luxurious vehicles, cars that can be registered again at the Road Transportation Department and/or vehicles classified as scrap metal including vehicles that cannot be registered at the Road Transportation Department.

Sale Conditions Through Tender

  • Offer has to be made using the tenderer’s name, which the offer form has been produced.  Any name/names (Third Party) in the Offer Form other than the original tenderer will cause the offer to be revoked.
  • Tender deposited amounting 10% from the reserve price is subject to a maximum of RM10,000.00 and a minimum of RM25.00 in Kew. 38 receipt or deposit receivable form under the State Customs Director with the attached offer form.  The tender’s deposit has to be in the form of cash, post cash, bank draft or Cashiers’ Order under the State Customs Director.  Offer without the tender’s deposit will not be considered.  Tender’s deposit will be streamlined or returned following whichever concerned after the tender’s result is received.
  • The successful tenderer have to make full payment in relation to the lots offered to him within fourteen (14) days from the date he receives the offer letter.  Fail to do so, the tender deposit will be rescinded and the Department will eliminate the lots offered using the methods thought fit.
  • Tenderer who has made payment have to settle the collection of the mentioned lots from the Department premises within seven (7) days starting the date of the full settlement.  If the tenderer still fails to collect the particular lots, the offer is considered revoked and the tender’s deposit will be rescinded.  The affected lots will be eliminated once more by the government with whatever methods thought fit.
  • Tender’s deposit for the unsuccessful tenderer will be returned directly to the affected tenderer.
  • All vehicles is sold as is, where is in the condition during the sale and tenderers have to be satisfied with the vehicles’ conditions before the sale.
  • The department does not guarantee the condition, quality or the details regarding the vehicles/other goods to be sold.
  • Offer price is nett price.  The successful tenderer will be exempted from the affected government’s tax (such as excise duty/import duty and sale tax).
  • The government is not binded to accept the highest offer or any offers.
  • Vehicles can be inspected at the venue, date and time as stated in the tender notice.
  • The department is not responsible on the lots already sold.
  • All expenses to transport the lots sold have to be born by the tenderer themselves.
  • The tender’s validation is 3 months from the date the tender is closed.  Incase the tenderer revokes his offer within the duration, the tender’s deposit will be terminated to the government.


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