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Goods Exempted:

  • Wine/spirit/malt/liquor not exceeding 1 liter.
  • Tobacco not exceeding 225 grams (equal to 200 sticks of cigarettes).
  • New wearing apparels up to 3 pieces.
  • 1 pair of new footwear.
  • Portable electrical or battery operated appliances for personal care and hygiene not exceeding 1 unit each.
  • Foods preparations up to total value of not exceeding RM75.
  • All other goods including gifts and souvenirs other than alcoholic beverages, spirits, tyres, tubes, tobacco, cigarettes and motor vehicles, valued not exceeding RM400 ( goods from Langkawi, Pulau Tioman and Labuan, not exceeding RM500)

If the travellers bring in excess quantity of goods exempted, he shall be liable to duty on the excess only.


Green Lane is for travellers with Nothing to Declare (non-dutiable and non-prohibited goods). Otherwise the travellers have to proceed to the Red Lane and declare the goods.


Under Customs Act 1967, offender is liable to a maximum fine of RM 100,000 / jail term not exceeding 3 years for the first offence and RM 500,000 / jail term not exceeding 5 years for subsequent offence.


  • Travellers' deposit is a facility to visitors for temporary import on conditions.
  • Deposits equivalent to duty of goods.
  • To be redeemed at any exit point.
  • Claims to be made within 3 months from date of importation


  • Temporary import using ATA Carnet document
  • Goods use for exhibition, advertising, commercial samples and professional equipments on conditions that:
  • goods not for sale
  • goods must be exported within the specified period.


  • Duty Free shops are intention for all travellers which located at International Airports, main towns, ports and at duty free borders.
  • Arriving and departing travellers can purchase the duty free goods that they are entitled for duty exemption.


The following goods are absolutely prohibited from importation:

  • Reproduction of any currency note, bank note, or coin which are currently been issued in any country.
  • Indecent printings, paintings, photographs, books, cards, lithographic, engravings, films, video tapes, laser discs, color slides, computer disc and any other media.
  • Any device which intended to be prejudicial to the interest of Malaysia or unsuited with peace.
  • All genuses of Piranha fish.
  • Turtle eggs.
  • Cocoa pods, rambutans, pulasan, longan, and nam nam fruits from Philipines and Indonesia.
  • Intoxicating liquors containing more than 3.46 milligrams per liter in any lead or in any compound of copper.
  • Daggers and flick knives.
  • Broadcast receivers capable of receiving radio communication within the ranges (68 - 87) MHz and (108 - 174) MHz
  • Sodium arsenate.
  • Cloth bearing the imprint or duplicate of any verses of the Quran.
  • Pen, pencil, and other articles resembling syringes.
  • Poisonous chemical
  • Lightning arresters containing radioactive material.

The importations of goods specified below are prohibited except under an import licence or permit from relevant authorities:

  • Egg in the shells.
  • Any meat, bones, hide, skin, hoofs, horns, offal or any part of the animals and Poultry.
  • Live animals-primates including ape, monkey, lemur, galago, potto, and others.
  • Explosives and Fireworks
  • Imitation arms, toy gun / pistols.
  • Imitation hand grenades.
  • Arms and ammunition other than personal arms ammunition imported by bona fide traveler.
  • Bullet proof vests, steel helmets and other articles of clothing as protection against attack.
  • Soil and pests including live insects, rats, snails, and cultures of plant disease causing organisms.
  • Safety helmets (except as worn by motorcyclists or motorcycle pillion riders).
  • Video machines excluding game watches and video games for use with television receiver.
  • Motor vehicles.
  • Batik sarong.
  • Rice and padi including rice products.
  • Equipment to be connected to a public telecommunication network.
  • Radio communication being used for telecommunication in the frequency lower than 3000 GHz.
  • Saccharin and its salt.
  • Parabola antenna for outdoor use.
  • Pests and organisms which are capable of being injurious to plants.
  • Live fish.
  • Animal oils and fats.
  • Plants include parts and plant products.
  • Household and agricultural pesticides.
  • Electric domestic equipments that use 50 volt or 120 volt Dc or more
  • Toxic and/or hazardous wastes.
  • Corals, alive or dead.
  • Apparatus/equipment for the brewing of beer in the home.
  • Pharmaceutical products




Import and export of illicit drugs (eg: morphine, heroine, candu, marijuana, etc.) are strictly prohibited.

Prescribed drugs can only be imported into or exported from the country by virtue of a licence issued by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.