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Capital Goods Adjustment (revised as at 22 January 2015).pdf
Guide on  Payment of Tax.pdf
Guide on Employee Benefit (revised as at 18 June 2015).pdf
Guide on Furnishing of Returns.pdf
Guide on Supply (revised as at 14 July 2015).pdf
Guide on Transitional Rules (revised as at 19 March 2015).pdf
Transfer of Business as a Going Concern (revised as at 27 October 2013).pdf
Designated Area (revised as at 19 December 2014).pdf
Free Commercial Zone (revised as at 22 July 2014).pdf
Inland Clearance Depot.pdf
Input Tax credit (revised as at 27 October 2013).pdf
Partial Exemption (revised as at 4 November 2013).pdf
Tax Invoice and Records Keeping (revised as at 20 July 2014).pdf
Transfer of Business as a Going Concern.pdf
Transitional Guides (revised as at 10 July 2014).pdf
Valuation Guide (revised as at 21 March 2014).pdf