Please be informed that the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) will be using SISTEM PENGURUSAN ADUAN AWAM (SISPAA) and MyINTEGRITI starting from 16 October 2020 to replace the existing system (e-Aduan)to improvise the efficiency of public complaints and internal complaints in RMCD.

The functions of both systems are as follows:

• Sistem Pengurusan Aduan Awam (SISPAA)is a medium of reporting or complaints related to dissatisfaction / appreciation / inquiry regarding the services provided by Department through the link https://customs.spab.gov.my.

• While MyINTEGRITI system is the reporting / complaint medium dedicated to misconduct and officer’s integrity by using the link https://customs.integriti.gov.my.

Access to both systems can only be accessed on 16 October 2020.