(Note: The Customs Ruling on Origin will come into force when the Minister of Finance gazetted the date of implementation for the related Customs Regulations.)
1.        What is Customs Ruling on Origin?
Customs Ruling on Origin is a decision issued by Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) upon written application by any person who has information on process, origin status or other relevant information relating to the imported goods.
2.        Does the Customs Ruling on Origin exempt the importer from producing the document of origin during importation?
Issuance of Customs Ruling on Origin does not negate the requirement for an importer to submit Certificate of Origin or Declaration of Origin at the time the goods are imported in order to claim for preferential tariff treatment.
3.        How the Customs Ruling on Origin may be utilised?  
One (1) application is only for one (1) type of ruling and one (1) Free Trade Agreement scheme for a particular goods.
4.        How much is the fee for Customs Ruling on Origin?  
The fee for each application of Customs Rulings on Origin is RM 200.00.
5.        What is the validity period of the ruling? 
A Customs Ruling on Origin is valid for three (3) years from the date of the Customs Ruling on Origin is issued.
6.        Is it renewable?  
It is not renewable and a new application shall be made after the expiration of the ruling.
7.        What are the advantages of Customs Ruling on Origin?
Advantages of Customs Ruling on Origin:
a)        Providing certainty on the customs duty rate which is preferential duty rate to be enjoyed which leads to greater predictability in doing business.
b)        Encouraging compliance through a transparent framework.
c)        Easing the way of doing business, as a mean of trade facilitation which further provide a fast movement and clearance of goods.
8.        On what circumstances the Customs Ruling oh Origin may be declined?
RMCD may decline or revoke Customs Ruling on Origin if:
a)        Imported goods differ from the ruling issued;
b)        Validity date of the ruling has expired;
c)         There are amendments to the laws and regulations a​fter the ruling is issued;
d)        Ruling is based on an error of fact or law; or
e)        There is a change in the material fact in the application.
9.         Will it the Customs Ruling on Origin be published and does it affect company’s secret information?
A Customs Ruling on Origin is published for transparency reasons. However, all confidential information will be protected.